Financial Transparency in the Age of COVID-19

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Datum: 8 jun, 2020 Tid: 16:00 - 17:30

Plats: Distansutbildning, Distansutbildning

Samtliga utbildningar hos oss på KEF kommer att genomföras på distans tills dess att Folkhälsomyndigheten ändrar sina restriktionerna för möten och resor. Därefter hoppas vi kunna erbjuda deltagande både på plats och via webbsändning.


Government finance officers who want to help the agencies they represent become more transparent and creative during the COVID-19 crisis will benefit from this seminar.

A finance officer’s job is to manage public funds efficiently and effectively through good times and bad. While the scope of this role can seem limited, it also carries an expectation of accountability to taxpayers and transparency to everyone in the community being served. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, achieving government transparency goals has become both more important and more challenging. The move toward widespread telecommuting has made otherwise simple tasks, like information sharing, more complex and also altered the way governments provide services to constituents. In addition, the global economic shutdown has put a strain on public finances, making timely and accurate reporting and prudent budgeting more difficult.

Along with these challenges, COVID-19 presents financial officers with some opportunities, including a space for more creativity both in their jobs and the public sphere. Is it possible to find and leverage previously untapped finances to meet emergency needs? Are there public resources that can be repurposed to pay for urgent health and social services, or to provide an economic stimulus to businesses and people displaced from their jobs? These are questions not normally posed by financial officers, but, at this time, they can help inform a more robust government response to the crisis.

Anyone seeking to learn about innovative ways financial officers can help governments get through the COVID-19 crisis should tune in to this seminar. The discussion will cover some financial tools and cutting-edge technologies being used by municipal governments in the United States to improve government efficiency and ensure the health of their communities.


Kursinnehåll: Financial Transparency in the Age of COVID-19 (pdf)



Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin is the taxpayers’ watchdog at City Hall, making sure public dollars are spent efficiently and effectively. He is also the elected paymaster, auditor and chief accounting officer for the City of Los Angeles.

Galperin oversees a team that conducts independent audits, manages City payroll and spending, prepares financial reports, pursues fraud and waste, and works to create a more transparent and accountable city for everyone. His reports are improving street maintenance, arts funding, management of special funds, L.A.’s trees, emergency services and many other City functions.



Kursen riktar sig i första hand till dig som arbetar som ekonom, controller eller ekonomichef på central nivå, förvaltningsnivå eller på verksamhetsnivå. Även chefer (skolledare, IFO-chef, äldreomsorgschef, mellanchef) och politiker kan anmäla sig till utbildningen.



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4 jun, 2020

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